Arcanum-Butler Multi-Purpose Facility Takes 1st Place

H.A. Dorsten award from CHIEF Buildings for new school facility, Arcanum-Butler Multi-Purpose Facility.

In December of 2018, H.A. Dorsten bid to provide our general contracting services on a new 20,859 square foot, multi-purpose facility for the Arcanum-Butler Local School District, designed by Garmann/Miller Architects Engineers. This facility – located in Arcanum, Ohio – is a custom-engineered metal building system with an integral greenhouse attached to Arcanum-Butler’s existing 147,785 square foot school facility by a 50-foot connector. Our efforts in providing those we serve with the highest quality available, and at the most competitive prices, has led H.A. Dorsten to become an authorized builder with Chief Buildings. We went in with CHIEF Buildings on bid day, and we were low bidder. Construction started in the spring of 2019.

This area experienced an abnormally wet spring in 2019, threatening delays in getting this project off to a good start. Masonry can’t be laid in the rain, but mud doesn’t stop steel from going in the air. To mitigate delays, our H.A. Dorsten team skillfully reworked the original project schedule and began erecting the metal building shell in the mud ahead of completing masonry-bearing walls. To move forward with this work, three full bays of structural steel framing had to be left out of the center of the building to provide space for swinging in approximately 48 tons of precast concrete hollow core planks. These planks were necessary to create the structural frame for the second-floor mezzanine.

The structure exterior features a gable roof with a 20’-0” eave height. The antique bronze, 24-gauge roof panels feature an MVP profile with a standard profile gutter tied into the storm sewer below grade. The 26-gauge metal wall panels are sierra madre in color, and feature an AP profile. An 8-foot CMU and brick masonry wall wraps around the structure. Fenestrations included the following: (1) 10’-0” W x 10’-0” H overhead door, (1) 16’-0” W x 16’-0” H overhead door, (3) 4’-0” W x 4’-0” H louvers, and (10) 17’-8” W x 4’-8” H translucent panel assemblies towards the top of the east and west sides of the structure.

The front entry canopy is constructed from masonry, structural steel, metal stud framing, wood sheathing, and components from CHIEF Buildings. The south end of the building features an approximate 25’ x 21’ integral greenhouse with a 10’ eave height constructed atop a 2’ tall masonry wall foundation. A 50-foot connector extends out of the west side of the new facility, tying the new facility into the existing school. The exterior also consisted of approximately 55,450 square feet of asphalt paving, and 5,500 square feet of concrete walks.

The north end of this new facility features an approximate 5,680 square foot training room, complete with rubber athletic and synthetic turf flooring, metal wall and ceiling panels, fitness training equipment, and (2) retractable batting cages. Approximately 4,190 square feet on the south end of the facility encapsulates a new VoAg shop featuring a 470 square foot integral greenhouse, metal wall and ceiling panels, (6) welding booths, and new shop equipment on an exposed concrete floor burnished to a high sheen. The new shop and fitness training equipment was provided and installed by others.

The center section of the interior incorporates corridors, (3) classrooms, (2) storage rooms, (2) restrooms, (1) coaches office, and (1) custodian closet. This section is finished with LVT flooring, painted drywall and masonry walls, and acoustical grid and tile ceilings. Above the west half of the center section exists an approximate 2,130 square foot mezzanine, which houses the mechanical room and further storage.

Once complete, we submitted this project to CHIEF Buildings under the education category for the 2019 year. We were recently notified that the new Arcanum-Butler Multi-Purpose Building took Winner on a national stage. We are thankful we were given the opportunity to team with Garmann/Miller Architects Engineers and the Arcanum-Butler Local School District to turn their vision into a reality. You can visit Garmann/Miller Architects Engineers via their website, and Facebook.

Click here to view more progress photos and a video showcasing the Arcanum-Butler Multi-Purpose Facility project. The video was directed and produced by Franklin House Media. You can visit Franklin House Media via their website, and Facebook.

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