We Congratulate Safety Director Ben Wehrman on 44 Years of Service

Ben Wehrman retires after 44 years of service with H.A. Dorsten, Inc.

After 44 years at H.A. Dorsten, Safety Director Ben Wehrman has retired from his full-time position at the end of 2021.

Initially, Ben started at H.A. Dorsten on a part-time basis during his college years — and never left. “44 years later, I’ve had the world’s longest summer job,” he joked.

Ben says he’s always enjoyed the hands-on nature of his work and getting to see the finished product.

“It’s nice to take a drive and say, hey, I built that 20 or 40 years ago,” he said.

After spending 24 years in the field, and the past 20 years in safety, Ben estimates he’s worked on hundreds of jobs during his career.

The family-owned environment at H.A. Dorsten was another reason Ben enjoyed his job.

“Working for the Dorsten family has been a joy — I consider Sean, Ron, Sandy, and Marilyn friends. It’s not often you work for a business for over 40 years, and you still consider the people who own it, friends,” he said.

In his retirement, he plans to travel to visit his daughter, son-in-law, and grandson in Connecticut, as well as spend time with family closer to home. He’s also looking forward to enjoying hunting and fishing again.

Over the years, Sean Dorsten said Ben was always quick to help out wherever needed and was instrumental in guiding the company through its safety designations.

“Ben was really a guy who could do it all,” he said. “He continues to help out with odds and ends at the company. As he likes to joke, the general contracting world is pretty general.”

Ben’s final full-time day at the company was Dec. 31, 2021, although he continues to help out on a part-time basis as needed. Over the past year, Ben has trained Assistant Safety Director Derek Elliott, who has moved into the director position with Ben’s retirement.

“I want to thank the Dorsten family for having me here all these years. I’m looking forward to retirement, but it was tough to walk out the door for the last time,” he said.

From the H.A. Dorsten family to yours, Ben — thank you for your service and happy retirement!

Please join us in extending our congratulations to Ben for his service over the past four decades.

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